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Model 4000


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 Using The Hand Unit



The WorkRite Electronic hand unit has been designed to be rugged, lightweight, and versatile.  Its primary function is applying the electronic energy to the glue joint.  The inside of the hand unit consists of a large coil of many turns with a larger single link coil around it.  This inside 14-turn coil is called the "Tuning Coil".  The single outside coil is the "Pickup Coil".  THE "TUNING COIL" AND THE "PICKUP COIL" SHOULD NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER OR ARCHING WILL OCCUR.

There are six metal plates inside the hand unit.  Two of these plates are stationary and four are movable.  Moving the thumb-tuning lever forward or backward achieves high heat ranges shown on the milli-amp meter.  This is similar to tuning in a radio station on your radio.

Moving the thumb-tuning lever on the hand unit allows the operator to change from one size project to another quickly and at the same time, be assured of maximum heat.  Whenever you change from one type of material to another, the material width varies, or the amount of glue used changes, the tuning lever must be moved to compensate for the change in load.  Moving the thumb lever is necessary for each weld. This will continue to give you the highest heat possible.

To attain high heat on wider projects, position feet with a wider space between them (farther apart from each other). The small electrode feet will attain high heat on wider projects because they are farther apart from each other.  In some cases using one small and one flat electrode will give best results.

Note:  Placing a narrow piece of wood under the electrode feet will generally help to tune in higher heat.  The energy will penetrate through 2 1/2 inches.
Do not allow arcing at glue line.

  • The electrode feet DO NOT have to touch or come in contact with your project or the glue line to operate.

  • The heat zone is between the electrode feet.

  • Maximum tuning can be obtained by spacing the electrode feet farther apart. 

  • Experiment with the electrode feet in different gap positions using the position that offers the most electronic heat into the joint to be set.  Usually the widest position should be used on wide heavy boards, and the narrow position on small narrow boards.

  • Electrode feet should always be placed perpendicular (across) the glue line.

  • Always try to keep the panel meter at a medium to high reading.

  • Maximum heat is indicated in two ways: the panel meter, and the glow lamp on the hand unit (most convenient).

  • When either the panel meter or the glow lamp is at their maximum, you are now receiving the greatest amount of electronic heat.

  • Set time averages 5 seconds, but no longer than 10 seconds.

  • Moving the tuning lever forward or backward varies the electronic heat.  It is similar to tuning in a radio station.

Note:  We recommend, before using your hand unit on a regular job, to try the above application steps with two scraps of wood.




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