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Model 4000


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Manufacturing Since 1908
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 WorkRite Wood Welder Products

Sets water base glues in seconds. Bonds wood, plastic and all non-metallic parts in 5-8 seconds. Clamp up your project, spot weld between clamps then release clamps. Welded area is equal to a 30 minute set.

You have seen them advertised in the Trade magazines, and demonstrated at the Machinery shows for years. Actually, they set the glue in seconds which does away with nails, staples, and hours of waiting. Sections may be "spot-welded" for speeded production and used immediately - planed, sawed etc., and the glue between the welds will continue to cure normally for the added strength required.

MODEL 4000 is the heavy duty "Production Model", and is used in Furniture factories, Window manufacturing, Cabinet shops and production line work where the machine will be used hard all day long. PHOTO

MODEL 3000 is a more portable machine. This model is used by Cabinet shops, Fixture manufacturers, Staircase builders and Contractors. It is often taken out on the job for paneling, offices, homes, installing wooden floors, cabinets and counters where time means money, and nails are not desirable. PHOTO

The success of Electronic Welding has been phenomenal during the last 60 years. Many of our customers have ordered additional machines for various assembly areas. They buy our WorkRite Welders because we have 100 years of successful manufacturing experience along with equipment that is durable, dependable and long lasting.

Shipments can be made upon receipt of order. You can contact WorkRite for further questions or Dealer inquiries.

Bob Meyer
WorkRite, Inc.




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